June or December, February or September.
Designed for year-round use, our conservatories enable you to add a unique and multifunctional room to your home.

With the views of the outdoors and the luxury of the indoors, a conservatory from Clement Double Glazing is the new fashion icon for every home! A conservatory remains the perfect room whether it’s warm or cold outside. The range of conservatory designs that we offer allows you to pick one that’s certainly going to complement your home. Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, Lean-to or one that is made for the side of your home; Clement Double Glazing has them all!

Cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool, a conservatory is no longer just a room for the summer, nor does it have a specific purpose. Teaming the views of the outdoors with the comfort and ambience of the indoors, a conservatory is the perfect venue for any occasion.

Image showing specification of the conservatory labelled by numbers
01 Doors

Our French Doors are glazed using innovative thermally efficient glass so that added light and superb views do not come at the expense of insulation. Please ask about our range of door options.

02 Windows/Glazing

Glazed using innovative thermally efficient glass, our windows are 'C' rated as standard, with many achieving the much sought after 'A' rating. For full window options please ask for more details.

03 Size options

Whether to the floor or with a dwarf wall we will tailor your conservatory to suit your needs.

04 Roof options

With today's erratic climate we have options to keep your conservatory cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Both polycarbonate and self-cleaning glass provide excellent thermal properties.

05 Finishing

Cresting and finials, top capping, decorative finishes, fans, lighting - however you wish to personalise your conservatory, we'll be up to the task!

06 Reinforcing

Steel reinforcing gives added strength and durability to products that may be exposed to wild and erratic weather.

Conservatory Styles

Victorian Conservatory

Classical in appearance courtesy of a bay front and a steeply-pitched roof, the Victorian Conservatory is a fitted complement to many types of property; old and new. An ornate ridge crowns the Victorian Conservatories to add a touch of grandeur.

Victorian style conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory

For those who prefer simplicity; the Edwardian Conservatory is simple, but very effective. The flat-fronted style allows for a square or rectangular shaped room which offers excellent internal floor space. Strong, bold lines bestow the Edwardian Conservatories contemporary appearance.

Edwardian style conservatory

Gable Conservatory

Offering generous floor space, the Gable conservatory is made to seem even more roomy thanks to a high-pitched and flat-fronted roof. A gable conservatory is ideal when the size of the site does not allow for a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory style of roof.

Gable style conservatory

Lean-to Conservatory

Emulating the style of a Mediterranean sunroom, the lean-to conservatory can be fitted in small or awkward spaces. The pitch of the roof is variable and a low-pitched lean-to conservatory is great for low buildings, such as bungalows.

Lean-to style conservatory

Bespoke Conservatory

Not all homes and not all people are suited to the more traditional conservatory styles. For these people we offer the endless possibilities of the bespoke conservatory. P-shape, T-shape, or any shape you can think of, we can design and manufacture a spectacular conservatory to suit you.

Bespoke style conservatory

Colour options for the conservatory


Not so black and white

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible!

It’s brilliant to have white and you’ll be the envy of your neighbours with green. You can be happy with the blues, brave by being yellow and, for once, you’ll profit from being in the red.

We’re giving everyone a golden opportunity to show their true colours and give their home real character by choosing from hundreds of finishes, including an array of wood-grain foils, over 150 colour options and a selection of metallic coatings. So even if it’s grey outside, new windows will reinvigorate any home and make it stand out from the street.

Foil Options

Wood-grain foils bestow PVCu with the aesthetic appeal of wood.

Available in:

  • White
  • Cherry Wood
  • Irish Oak
  • Rose Wood

Foils can also be sprayed to a colour of your choice.

Glass Options

Self-cleaning, heat conducting and energy saving, you’ll be surprised what glass can do for you. All of our windows, doors, conservatories can be glazed to your requirements.

Gardus Lock

Almost identical to a normal lock in appearance but far superior in effect, a Gardus Cylinder will ensure that a home and its possessions are safe and secure; even from lock bumping and snapping.

Multi Coloured uPVC Residential Doors


Irish Oak
Look at our conservatories

Energy Rating:



With an extensive range of window styles and systems, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to complement your home and improve your life at Clement Home Services.

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Those that are welcome will be stunned by any of our enticing and sophisticated doors, whilst the only thing that criminals will see is how secure your home is.

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With the views of the outdoors and the luxury of the indoors, a conservatory from Clement Home Services is the new fashion icon for every home!

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Garage Doors

Supplied and Installed by Clement Home Services the Excelsior Roller Garage Door in an ideal solution for customers wanting to gain some extra space.

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Fascias & Soffits

At Clement Home Services we offer a full fascia and soffit board installation service which is backed by our full ten year guarantee and a 20 year manufacturers guarantee.

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Rubber Flat Roofs

Firestone Rubber Cover Roofing System from Clement Home Services is an ideal durable solution for small residential flat roofs.

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More information coming soon, for more details call: 0151 6911 967

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