uPVC Composite Doors

Superb looks. Superb performance.
For the look and feel of solid timber, a composite door is the obvious choice.

Matching frames, charming glass patterns and sophisticated hardware disguise the rugged strength and security of the composite door and make it a focal point of home.

Our high security composite doors are everything you could possibly need in a front door! Low maintenance, maximum security and guaranteed to last! The maximum strength ensures that they will withstand any unpredictable weather changes, and still perform in the way they did at the start!

With a selection of glass designs, handle designs and colours, there is certainly a composite door style that will enhance the quality of your home!

A composite door combines all the aesthetic benefits of painted or varnished timber with the security, performance, low maintenance and long life expectancy of modern materials.

01 Glass

A massive variety of choices to suit any taste and complement any style of home.

02 Reinforcing

Steel reinforcing gives added strength and durability to products that may be exposed to wild and erratic weather.

03 Hardware

Letter boxes, door knockers, spy holes, hinges and handles all available in colour to suit your style.

04 Security

With home security high on everyone's agenda, our composite door has been approved by the Police led initiative Secured by Design. It might look warm and welcoming for visitors, but it provides a formidable barrier against any would-be-intruders.

05 Glazing

With an amazing array of glass designs and production techniques there is a stylish option for every home, from conventional coloured glass to the elaborate Art Deco bevel. And if you can't decide, we can always design something for you! See our full brochure for a full range of styles.

06 Quality

On the surface, the tough skin is through-coloured to keep its appearance if it should become scratched. This is mounted onto a composite material supported by laminated timber stiffeners and pressure filled with an energy efficient foam.

Secured By Design

Approved by the Police

Because above all every home should be safe

Approved by the Police

Making a home more secure shouldn’t mean making it look and feel like a prison, nor should it mean sacrificing other requirements such as energy efficiency, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. With our Police Approved, Secured by Design windows and doors, it doesn’t!

Secured by Design explained

Secured by Design is a UK police initiative aimed at reducing property crime. By incorporating Secured by Design products, which are manufactured to higher security standards, homes are less likely to be targeted by criminals. Even if a home is targeted, the chances of an intruder being able to gain entry are very slim.


Not so black and white

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible!

It’s brilliant to have white and you’ll be the envy of your neighbours with green. You can be happy with the blues, brave by being yellow and, for once, you’ll profit from being in the red.

We’re giving everyone a golden opportunity to show their true colours and give their home real character by choosing from hundreds of finishes, including an array of wood-grain foils, over 150 colour options and a selection of metallic coatings. So even if it’s grey outside, new windows will reinvigorate any home and make it stand out from the street.

Foil Options

Wood-grain foils bestow PVCu with the aesthetic appeal of wood.

Available in:

  • White
  • Cherry Wood
  • Irish Oak
  • Rose Wood

Foils can also be sprayed to a colour of your choice.

Glass Options

Self-cleaning, heat conducting and energy saving, you’ll be surprised what glass can do for you. All of our windows, doors, conservatories can be glazed to your requirements.

Gardus Lock

Almost identical to a normal lock in appearance but far superior in effect, a Gardus Cylinder will ensure that a home and its possessions are safe and secure; even from lock bumping and snapping.

Multi Coloured uPVC Residential Doors


Irish Oak


With an extensive range of window styles and systems, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to complement your home and improve your life at Clement Home Services.

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Those that are welcome will be stunned by any of our enticing and sophisticated doors, whilst the only thing that criminals will see is how secure your home is.

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With the views of the outdoors and the luxury of the indoors, a conservatory from Clement Home Services is the new fashion icon for every home!

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Garage Doors

Supplied and Installed by Clement Home Services the Excelsior Roller Garage Door in an ideal solution for customers wanting to gain some extra space.

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Fascias & Soffits

At Clement Home Services we offer a full fascia and soffit board installation service which is backed by our full ten year guarantee and a 20 year manufacturers guarantee.

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Rubber Flat Roofs

Firestone Rubber Cover Roofing System from Clement Home Services is an ideal durable solution for small residential flat roofs.

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More information coming soon, for more details call: 0151 6911 967

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